Crosman Gamo Shooting Riding

An air gun (by wiki) is any kind of small arms that propels projectiles by means of compressing air or other gases which are pressurized via mechanical methods that involve with no chemical reactions, in contrast to a firearm, which uses combustible propellants that involves an exothermic chemical reaction (deflagration). Both the rifle and handgun forms (air rifle and air pistol) typically propel metallic projectiles, either non-spherical pellets, or spherical BBs.

What is pneumatic weapon used for?

There are many uses of airguns
Usually they are produced as faithful replica firearms which allows you to train and operate at a much lower cost.
It is not unimportant that in many countries where firearms are strictly regulated - no license is required for the purchase of airguns but only the right age.
Shooting with air rifles can be a great fun also for children while maintaining safe conditions and care.

Are air rifles dangerous to health and life?

Yes, air guns, even if they have very little muzzle energy, and if they are unlucky enough to hit sensitive organs, such as the eye can cause blindness and even death, so it is very important to maintain adequate safety and to treat pneumatic weapons as well as firearms.

What are the popular creators channels on youtube regarding air rifles?

The most known channel are Replica Airguns and Air Guns and ASG.

What are the most famous manufacturers of pneumatic weapons?

The most knowns are:  Air Arms, Crosman, Gamo, Diana, Hatsan, Hämmerli, Umarex and more.


Gamo PT-85 Pistol - detailed close up

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Crosman Laser sight test review

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CZ P07 BB Gun ASG Replica review and shooting

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Riding ATV and shooting air gun pistol

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Air gun gas leaking problem - HK USP - how to

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How fast you can shoot with pistol ?

Fast shooting with HK USP BB Gun replica from Umarex. How to measure shooting speed of the gun ? Extremely fast shooting with pistol. Measure the fastest shooting ever possible with dual action BB...

CZ 75 P-07 - Replica BB Gun - shooting & comparing

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Timer App for IPSC - Live test & review

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How to be better shooter ?

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Shooting blowback airgun to cans

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Gamo Whisper IGT review

What is gas spring ? Is Gas spring good in Airgun rifle ? How to shoot with .177 airgun rifle ? What is IGT from Gamo ? What is Inert Gas Technology (IGT) in airguns ? Shooting metal cans on 30 ...

Gamo PT-85 disassembly #2

How disassembly blow back air-gun. How blow back air gun pistol works. How pistol safety switch works. Co2 capsule and valve. Gun review part I is here:

Umarex H&K USP BB Gun review

This is the review with HD detail video footage of Heckler & Koch USP. made by Umarex. The air gun has original size & weight with the firearm equivalent Gun test and shooting will be presented i...

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produced by Crosman on 22mm weaver RIS rail mount

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