Kymco Smoke ATV 250cc Stalowa Test LS2 Three Exploring

ATV refers to All Terrain Vehicles. It is a category of vehicles designed to access vary terrarin conditions. ATV are also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, or quadricycle

Riding ATV is a great way for spending time outdoors. Vehicles of this type are able to reach places inaccessible to cars or trucks.

In 2017 the top procducers of the ATV's are:

Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, Can-am, Suzuki and Kymco


ATV drifting on ice - winter 2016 snow and ice

Finally winter has come and we have decided to test ATV on the ice - check the result - fun was great. This is Kymco MXU 250 drifting on ice...

Kymco MXU 250 - ATV helmet ride

One of my first rides with Kymco MXU 250 cc Recorded with Sony HDR cx330 50p FullHD. Sound track from Supernatural Demons Hunter RPG Game (

Secret places - discovery - ATV expedition

ATV journey. Full of secrets expedition along the river shore. Wild nature and secret passed in the woods. Is San Francisco good place for work ? You can find here Bolt Motorbikes, that could b...

ATV Fun ride - filming from car

How to mount video camera on the car ? Filming the external of the vehicle. How to film in third person perspective ? Peugeot 307 SW as camera vehicle and Kymco MXU 250. 2WD 4 wheeler quad ...

Baja Carpathia Stalowa Wola 2016 Błonie - UTV offroad cross quad

Video relacja z rajdu Baja Carpathia 30 kwietnia 2016 - Stalowa Wola. Odcinek specjalny - Błonie Stalowa Wola. This is the video relation from cross country rally Baja Carpathia Poland 2016. Qua...

Dragon Quad Racing Rnd 4

.must watch ...

Epic fun ride in the fire woods

Can your ATV swim or get drowned in epic fail accident between woods ? Let's make some test using stones ... What is the maximal speed of this machine - check this evil demonic test near end. ...

ATV refueling - new petrol station

How to refuel the ATV quad bike ? Today we are visiting petrol station with our 250cc ATV. We have also testing new camera mount on the rear trunk. Thanks to rotating knob from the wind we got ...

250cc ATV acceleration test - full throttle

Kymco MXU 250 acceleration test from 0 to 60 km/h. Where is it worth go while visiting Long Beach ? There is a EagleRider, placed 4110 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, United States, 8 mi...

How to make ATV motocross race track

Check how we have prepared area for new ATV race track. Zobacz jak przygotowywaliśmy teren pod tor quadowych / motocross W akcji produkt Huty Stalowa Wola Ładowarka kołowa - HSW 520C /Wheel ...

LS2 helmet ATV bike ride - Xiaomi Yi footage

Second part of quad ATV LS2 FF322.1 helmet test. Recorded with Xiaomi Yi Full HD 50fps footage. Kymco MXU test ride....

Ultimate ATV heavy terrain off-road passage

Passing Anti tank ditch with ATV extreme almost crash on huge angle of approach and departure. Stress test of the suspension. Heavy duty extreme ride. Climbing and falling down the hole in the gro...

Riding ATV and shooting air gun pistol

Today I decided to do some can shooting with repaired air gun pistol .177 diabolo pellets. Quad and gun shooting. ATV shooting Los Angeles Quad shooting in San Diego Pistol and ATV Rider Fres...

100 Subscribers tribute - 1 year channel ATV Fun anniversary - 2015 & 2016 video compilation

Time goes fast and one year is behind us. This is a summary video of the coming soon first anniversary of ATV Fun - exploring & documenting off road places and having fun with ATV quad bikes. ...

Quad bike on sand mine

How fast quad can go ? ATV meets quad on sand mine exploration. Almost crash on the road epic fail accidents....

Kymco quad - test ride on track

Today we test our hills and sand road created in previous year. Kymco MXU off road quad bike. Visiting mine and lakes. Music used: End Game by Per Kiilstofte

Quadbike & quadcopter - ATV & Drone

Drone on the ATV Fun for the first time. Today we have made some test aerial shots. We put Xiaomi Yi on the Syma Quadocopter and try do chase Kymco. Unfortunately strong wind stopped our outdoor fun. ...

Rendondo Beach ATV ride

What worth to see in Rendondo Beach ? In the center you can find Deus Ex Machina - Emporium Of Post Modern Activities, that is situated 1001 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, United States, 8 miles ne...

Washing quad bike after off road trip

Washing Kymco MXU atv quad bike with water after great ride. Maxis tires and 250cc MXU ATV Recorded with Xiaomi Yi and waterproof case....

ATV quad bike expedition - exploring power plant and river shore.

Hacking Coal power plant - water threshold on the River - ride. Riders adventures - exploring shore of the river. Check sluice of the coal power plant - Stalowa Wola during the quad bike exploration. ...

Rajd Błonie Stalowa Wola 2016 - Baja Carpathia 4x4

Fotorelacja z rajdu Baja Carpathia - odcinek specjalny Błonie - rally 2016 4x4 Quad UTV. 30 kwietnia 2016 Stalowa Wola - błonie This is ATV Fun you tube channel of off road 4x4 moto cross and UT...

Smoke on the water - techno intro riff version

Another ride out ATV with Deep Purple - Smoke on the water techno opening riff cover composed by Holik Studios, Please share....

Stalowa Wola - most - rzeka San - quad under the bridge

Today we test new Flycam for the camera. ATV was being shot in Poland Stalowa Wola city - under the bridge on San river. Windy conditions make a lot of problem with glidecam because the camera is rea...

Kid learns ride on the ATV quad

Learning to ride a four-wheeler by young kid. Kid first ride on quad bike. Kids ATV ride learning in USA / California. ATV learning school in Los Angeles / CA This 250cc quad has a speed / th...

Kymco MXU 250

Today is rainy day so I decided to make a video tour - a close up review of construction details of my ATV - Kymco MXU 250cc, enjoy the blues and the details video of this ATV. Presented as follo...

Three ponds - quad bike expedition

Visiting Trzy Stawy on Piskorowy Staw (gmina Pysznica) by quad bike on sunny Sunday. Music used: Neuro Rhythm by Aaron Spencer Licensed under Creati...

Winter fun on the snow - happy new year 2017

Best wishes from ATV Fun to all of you in upcoming 2017 year. Today we got nice winter day so I decided to go for a ride with my ATV for the first time in 2017 year and do some drifting. More ...

ATV riding on show and water - flood warning

Will Yamaha Grizzly or Can-Am can handle this ? Winter 2017 gives up for a while. Massive amount of water from melted show are everywhere. Had a chance to visit my good bud in Golden B.C. and br...

Making snowman with kids - great fun on the snow - winter 2017

How to make a snowman and remove snow with an ATV ? Today we have great fun with snow with the kids. Kymco MXU 4 wheeler deep snow drifting with 2WD Check new updates from our channel by clicking...

Filmmaking with ATV quad - must have equipment.

Toady we took our filming equipment with is tripods, Canon DSLR with Sigma Art 24mm prime lens f/1.4 and take a ride to do some wild nature filming in the woods. Whole making of has been made using ...

Sand hill climbing - testing track

Kymco MXU soft sand test. Testing quad bike on sandy terrain. ATV wading in the sand. Today we will test our sand hill for the first time. This is another attraction on our track. We ha...

Torrance ATV services

Some weekend epic fun with Kymco MXU 250cc. What is worh seeing in Torrance during the off road trip ? You will find here Deus Ex Machina - Emporium Of Post Modern Activities, that is situated 100...

ATV Rider shoots AR15 - M4 carabine on ATV ride

This time I took my Colt M4A1 to the ATV ride. Check what happened if I try to do some shooting with M4 aka AR 15 on a private property....

Exploring abandoned railway station and trackway

Today we explore crappy scary railway station, ATV ride along railway , old clay mine changed into recreational pond. Stacja kolejowa Kłyżów - Zarzecze - kopalnia cegieł. staw. Zwiedzamy...

Frozen lake & quad winter ride

Today we take a ride around frozen lake and river. Temperature was about 0 Celsius degrees. (32 Fahrenheit) Check dog running over ice and two crazy people suicides walking over the tiny ice on the...

Halloween atv drift

Some epic fun with ATV on Halloween 2015. Music composed by

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