Preppers are the group of people which are preparing themselves to cataclysm situation or difficult times that could be created by a natural diseases  or zombies attack or UFO arrival or any other military or natural disaster. It could be also  a political crisis or economic crisis caused by many possible reasons.

Most of the people do not have the knowledge and don't even want to think about their lifestyle go to dramatically change if some kind of fundamentals of our society will collapse There are a lot of possible scenarios when such add event occur. It  could be the explosion of supervolcano or the  the asteroid collapse pandemic of swine flu or any other disease like a ebola virus

Preppers are people which tries to minimalize the effects of such issue or event. They are training themself in the survival and they collect Food Supplies by making a food storage.

They are collecting it weapons and ammunition. They improve their knowledge about different possible situation and how to act in such for example how to avoid biological threat or chemical attack.


Who are the preppers ? Why I become a prepper ?

This is the opening video in my preppers TV channel a youtube community for preppers and people interested in survival. I explain what is prepping for me and why and when I become a prepper. Who in...
Who are the preppers ? Why I become a prepper ?

Smith & Wesson - HRT Boot Survival Knife

Smith & Wesson - H.R.T Boot Survival Knife - SWHRT9B review. Good universal tool knife for survival, prepping or bushcraft ? What is non expensive good looking and handy solid blade knife for prepp...
Smith & Wesson -  HRT Boot Survival Knife

What will happen in 2017 and 2018 - possible scenarios

The prophecy for the 2017 year and upcoming global events. Geopolitical situation analyses & possible scenarios...
What will happen in 2017 and 2018 - possible scenarios

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