Survival Games

Survival is not only about the living in the different times in the difficult conditions. In my opinion survivalism is some kind of the lifestyle which is targeted to spend more time outside.

Survivalism is a knowledge and practice about the traditional  methods of the living stand alone without using the civilization profits and the civilization helpers like the looking munication like a missionary electricity and most of the goods that we have achieved as the human race in the 20 and the 21st century


Who are the preppers ? Why I become a prepper ?

This is the opening video in my preppers TV channel a youtube community for preppers and people interested in survival. I explain what is prepping for me and why and when I become a prepper. Who in...

Survival shovel Mil-tec type mini - review

Survival tool - pickaxe , shovel and saw in one device. This is a review of this very handy and cheap tool. please enable subtitles for English transcription...

How to tie bowline knot - simple tutorial

How to create a bowline knot - non-bonding loop and the the rope. It is widely used in sailing, climbing , survival and every-day life. This is Preppers TV - youtube channel for everyone interest...

Smith & Wesson - HRT Boot Survival Knife

Smith & Wesson - H.R.T Boot Survival Knife - SWHRT9B review. Good universal tool knife for survival, prepping or bushcraft ? What is non expensive good looking and handy solid blade knife for prepp...

How to tie double sheet bend knot ?

How to tie a sheet bend and a double sheet bend ? Which knots are used to join to lines even with different diameters . Check this tutorial for all preppers & survivalist in United States of Ameri...

Search and rescue knife - review

Search and rescue knife model CKSUR2 from Smith and Wesson is another knife in my collection. See differences between CKSUR2 and H.R.T Boot Survival Knife - SWHRT9B. Check this unboxing and much mo...

Fire starter from Ali Express - review & how to fix

This is not Light my fire but cheap Chinese magnesium flint from AliExpress. Here is some tips how to make it better...

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