Sunrise at Frozen Goodyear Lake, the view around the hotel (hotels) and winter life in Oneonta, NY.

Tags: Oneonta New York Sunrise Boating Lake Hiking Hartwick College St. Marys Roman Catholic Church Orpheus Theatre The Turning Point Commuter Student Resident Students Wilber Park Oneonta Creek Suny Oneonta Milne Library Plaza Oneonta Senior High School And Middle School Cooperstown Baseball World Oneonta Sports Park Lower Reservoir Pizza Hut

Added: July 2018

Sunrise at frozen Goodyear Lake, snowy mountains, traffic, and road. Winter life in Oneonta, NY ( New York ). All activities you can do at Goodyear Lake are fishing, cabin rental, swimming, boating, hiking in the woods near the lake. The view around campground, cabins, and hotels near the lake in Oneonta, NY. You can find Pumpkinseed - Lepomis gibbosus, Rock Bass - Ambloplites rupestris, Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens), Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum), and more in the Goodyear Lake. Places to visit in Oneonta, NY: Huntington Park, Yager Museum, Hartwick College, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Orpheus Theatre, The Turning point, Commuter student, resident students, Wilber Park, Oneonta Creek, Suny Oneonta, Milne library plaza, Oneonta senior high school and middle school, Cooperstown Baseball World, Oneonta Sports Park, Lower Reservoir, Business: Walgreens, Yellow Deli, Friendly's Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Monro Muffler brake & service, Sunoco gas station, Annutto's farm stand, Pizza Hut, Brook's House of Bar-BQ, The Farmhouse at Emmons, Rite Aid, Price Chopper,

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