Blowback metal airgun pistol

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Added: April 2016

There is the Gamo PT-85 fully metal blow back air-gun pistol review.

In the first part here will be basic operation instruction and safety of the gun

Part II - disassembly is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmrP63Jxz74

We love air-guns this channel is for United States of America (USA)

We cooperate with local society in United Kindom :

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gamo pt-85 co2 airgun gamo pt-85 co2 airgun - taplic.com

Airgun Gamo PT-85 has a rifled barrel blowback and the ability to mount laser sight. We will check to cope with a number of aluminum cans.

gamo pt-85 co2 montage gamo pt-85 co2 montage - taplic.com

CO2 cartridge assembly is done by removing the cover from the handle, turning the pressure screw, inserting a new cartridge and tighten the screws,

Laser Sight for airgun Laser Sight for airgun - taplic.com

produced by Crosman on 22mm weaver RIS rail mount

gamo pt-85 open pellet chamber gamo pt-85 open pellet chamber - taplic.com

Gamo PT-85 has the same operating principle as firearms, we can pull the cover lock and see the inside of the chamber drain.

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Set co2 powered air gun. Includes Gamo PT-85, crossman laser sight and two magazines with a capacity 32 caliber pellets 4.5mm

Gamo Whisper wins the battle between air gun and alu cans Gamo Whisper wins the battle between air gun and alu cans - taplic.com

All the cans were punctured bottoms. Gamo again was unbeatable. The initial speed pellets flying out from GAMO PT-85 is about 160 meters per second. Lead pellets caliber 4.5 mm

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This is my first airgun - a gun on co2. I bought it second-hand used very occasionally the price. It is a version for the shot diabolo 4.5mm (.177 inch) Storage has 2 rosettes having the 8 pellets e

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