Find the Difference Puzzle #1 - A Child's Room | Spot the difference? | Photo game | Hidden objects

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Hello friends, here is an interesting puzzle! Can you identify the difference?

Here is an interesting new "find the difference" puzzle challenge (Theme: A child's room) presented by Dabung Girl, the new Indian superhero. She wants you to find the difference between the two images. Can you find the difference? This activity will enhance the observational skills, knowledge and critical thinking of the player. This riddle can be solved at school or home. Everyone (children, parents, educators and teachers) will find this puzzle/brainteaser engaging.

Keep your eyes open while solving these puzzles.

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0:06 For title

0:25 Six differences

0:57 Solution

Image source: https://freepik.com

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Who is Dabung Girl?

A new Indian superhero is here, and this time it is female hero Dabung Girl that your kids can look up to. In a market filled with male superheroes (Shaktiman, Krishh, Chota Bheem, Mighty Raju etc.), Dabung Girl is a girl superhero that inspires girls to find the hero within and boys to perceive the superhero in girls around them.

Research shows that superheroes give wings to the imagination and confidence of children. Children feel more empowered when they hear stories of superheroes. Also, superhero stories are a proven method of engaging children to deliver a message. Often, the problems that seem very difficult can be solved if we believe in ourselves (self-agency). Also, it is a proven method of engaging children to share messages in a non-preachy way, therefore making them more impactful.

The content is being designed by leveraging research from Harvard University.

Dabung Girl Concept has received an excellent response from children and educators. We are keen to leverage Dabung Girl to build into a powerful educational medium that focuses on breaking gender biases and at the same provide constructive stories, entertainment and fun. (https://DabungGirl.com/)


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