Our mission and simple Terms of use.

  1. This site has been created to help promote young internet video producers.
  2. Using this site is completely free of charge.
  3. You can add your videos for free with time limit - 5 videos per each day
  4. Everybody can vote your videos with time limit - 1 vote per each day for each video.
  5. Providing e-mail is optional. It won't be published. It could be use to edit/remove your link from our site.
  6. This site uses cookies to enhance your site experience and statistics (third party Google Analytics)
  7. If you have any question / problem / idea - just contact with e-mail contact@taplic.com

Rules for displaying videos in the catalog

Those rules are effective from November 2020. The main reason for that is to promote valuable content and filter massive SPAM

1. Our task is to provide the best quality of the presented films and protection against SPAM
2. The page with your movie will have the FOLLOW meta tag only if its rating is at least 5
3. Your video will be displayed in the category list only if it has a rating at least 5 points
4. If the film has a negative value - it will not appear on the website - except for the last added page


Due to the above rules - it is very important to share this page your friends and viewers and ask them to vote for you.


1. Is it worth encouraging people to vote for my movie on social media?
Yes, it's definitely worth it. The new rules from 2020 mean that only films with a good rank will appear on the subpages of the category and in the Top rated tab.

2. How do I get a link to my video if I have already added it and I cannot find it?
Add the movie again using the option: Submit your video. Then the address where you can vote for the movie will be presented.

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