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Gamo PT-85 Pistol - detailed close up

What is interesting in Chicago ? In the center you can find Chewie's Motorbikes, that is situated 2701 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States, placed less than 2 miles near Chewie's Motorb...

Apollonia Beach Hotel on Crete - review - All inclusive

Looking for All-inclusive 5 star hotel on North part of Crete - Greek island ? What is the climate on Crete ? Is Greece worth spending holiday there ? What hotel choose on Crete ? This is our ...

Little cat wants to enter the house

Kitten with Pleading minka on the home terrace in the garden really wants to enter inside the house....

How to seduce girl ? - woman secuction tips and tricks

How to seduce every girl ? What girls really want ? What to make girl have a sex ? How to make girl happy ? Why women are jealous ? Why women look for wealthy men ? How to understand woman ? Ho...

Rock crawler - heavy terrain test

Extreme climbing with 4WD rock crawler buggy. Electric RC sand & rock ride. This is Epic RC - channel for RC enthusiasts....

AR-15 M4 ASG Replica

What is interesting in Los Angeles - quick review. In the center you can find Hollywood Electrics, located at 901 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States, which is about 8 miles from Eag...

Rode M3 microphone & Behringer xenyx 802 USB test podcast Røde

What microphone use for youtube podcasts ? What mixer is good for me ? How to connect microphone to PC ? Today we present Røde M3 Condensed microphone phantom powered (48V) with preamp from Behr...

BeamNG - Cement Mixed on Ski Jump Arena

This is World Car Ski Jump Championship. Today's performer is the Cement Mixer in the Ski Jump area mod in BeamNG.Drive...

Mario vs Bob the builder Duplo - Mortal Kombat MMA

Today if the MMA fight between Mario from Mario Brothers and Bob the builder from Lego Duplo. Check out this awesome mixed martial art match for free. Music used: After Dark by Jens Kiilstofte ...

Road legal quad bike compilation 2016

Compilation of best quad road legal ATV's rides in winter and spring 2016. Poland, Stalowa Wola, Pysznica, Sudoły. Music used: Queen of the Night by Per Kiilstofte

Sigma Art Prime Lens filming - movie test footage sample video

Is Sigma 24 Art F/1.4 good for video filming ? Storm footage clouds recorded using FPS Override option in Magic Lantern feature. Dark sky - thunderclouds Cumulonimbus capillatus time lapse This i...

Sigma Art 24 F1.4 Video footage

Filming with DSLR - Canon EOS 600D and Sigma 24 DG F1.4 Art - at manual aperture F 1.4. Raw video footage 25 fps. Check the incredible deep of field at f1.4. DSLR has Crop sensor APS-C 1.6 fact...

Shooting blowback airgun to cans

Visiting new uncovered shooting range and Gamo Pistol - April 2016. ALU cans versus lead pellets. What can you do with Bushmills Black bush and Glenfiddich 12 yo whisky boxes if you drain the bot...

Happy wars Xbox - the mage gameplay

Today we are playing happy wars on xbox 360 with the mage. Let's play mage in Happy wars. Shooting canon and fighting with mage....
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