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Added: February 2022

Pajero Offroad

Check how old V6 Pajero can handle hard off-road condition. Extreme trail was recorded using cinematic drone.

This is the old clay pit (mine) after the frosts are gone so the terrain conditions was very hard.

The surface was very slippery and the clay stuck to everything. Pajero fought bravely and despite the lack of tires, MT completed more than half of the hill.

The film shows the moment of switching 4x4 modes of Super Select from 4H to 4L and the benefits of the rear diff lock when the car starts to "dance" on a slippery surface.

In the next part you will see the rescue mission recorded from the sky.

Model: Mitsubishi Pajero gen II - produced in 1996

Engine: Pertol V6 3.5 Liter - 205 HP

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