The off-road definition

So basically if you ask me what is offroad I will tell you - it's a lifestyle. In more detailed way is a drive  in deserts, mountains, forests, beaches, etc, away from prepared roads so it is just the pure transportation across country with no roads with anything that you can go: SUV, quads, ATV, UTV, motocross etc.


Types of off-road

At its most basic a winch challenge vehicle will be a CCV-spec machine with a front-mounted recovery winch. However, a distinct breed of vehicles adapted for Winch Challenges has evolved. The small, open-topped CCV vehicles are not well suited to carrying the often large range of equipment needed for winch recovery in difficult terrain. A larger vehicle with some form of protection from the elements is desired the short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender especially in Hard Top" guise, is a typical and common basis for a Winch Challenge vehicle). Edit There are other forms of trialing, usually based around one of the above types but with a slight difference.</p>

Criticism  of off-road hobby versus environment

Off-roaders have been met with criticism for the environmental damage incurred by their vehicles. There have also been extensive debates over the role of government in regulating the sport, including a Supreme Court case brought against the Bureau of Land Management Edit Off-road vehicle Traveling on off-road terrains require vehicles capable of accommodating off-road driving such as ATVs These vehicles accommodate off road conditions with extended ground clearance, off-road tires and drive-train. Some manufacturers offer vehicles specifically meant for off-road use.

A number of environmental organizations, including the Rangers for Responsible Recreation, are campaigning to draw attention to a growing threat posed by off-road vehicle misuse and to assist overmatched land managers in addressing ORV use impacts. These campaigns in part have prompted congressional hearings about the growing impact of unmanaged off road vehicle use. The House Natural Resources Committee Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands held an oversight hearing on The Impacts of Unmanaged Off-Road Vehicles on Federal Land" on March A second hearing on off-highway vehicle OHV) management on public lands was held by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on June The Senate committee hearing was convened for the purpose of finding out why the agencies are failing to grapple with the negative impacts of off-road vehicle use on US public lands and what the agencies might need to start doing differently


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