How to create own style in Yamaha PSR - Looper and drum machine

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Added: April 2019

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Hello there.

This is Style Creator Tutorial for #yamaha

In this video you will find out how to create and edit your own style in yamaha PSR S670. This tips and trick are also appropriate for the whole PSR series like PSR-S970 and PSR S950.

You can also find out how to use PSR as Looper and Drum machine which is pretty unknown Feature of this Instrument. Instead of your computer and software programs like Fruity Loops or other you can use your Yamaha to create Hip-hop beats and backing track for other music styles like metal, rock, hard rock, disco, techno and so on.

Style creator is in fact a MIDI Editor built-in this device and allows you to create styles in different tempo (BPM) and patterns lenghts:

Detailed tutorial includes:

What is Style in Yamaha keyboard

How to start style creator

How to edit current style

How to change pattern lenght of the style

How to change beat of edited style

How to remove notes from beat without deleting whole channel

How to delete whole channel from style

How to save style to USB

How to load and play with newly created style in yamaha PSR ?

This over 20 minutes long video is not for beginner but for more advanced users.

If you are beginner - please refer to this playlist with Yamaha PSR Tutorials:


and the whole PSR Tutorial in parts:


I hope you enjoy and see you later!

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