How to check gold bullion coin - effective method of verification

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Added: December 2021

The best way of checking gold coins are real

In this video I will show you how to check if your gold or silver is real and not faked with tungsten inside using the bell frequency analysis in DAW.

This methods is great for 1 troy once bullion coins. I will explain how after confirming gold or silver density you can check the internal material without the expensive equipment like spectrometer.

In this video I will present the example how to perform the Fisch scale test along with the Ping test of pure gold coin. some people call this the Ring test or the sound test because it base on the resonance response of after hitting the coin with stiff object.

This method can prove and confirm the purity of precious metal inside the coin for both gold and silver.

I will also find out here:

- Why it is worth investing in gold and silver

- How to use The Fisch scale or Gold Coin Balance to check density of 1 oz bullion coin and how they can be fooled.

- How bullion coin test app works?

- How to protect against fake gold and silver?

- How to detects tungsten counterfeits?

- Is possible to fool the Fisch coin tester?

- How to be sure that gold coin is not fake?

- How to use Bullion Test application and perform the ring test?

- Is app safe way for testing golden coins?

- How perform ring gold and silver test using the Microphone and DAW?

- How to check if your #gold or #silver is real using DAW Software #test

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