1oz American Eagle Silver Coin - Review and test

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Added: February 2022

American Eagle Coin Review

Welcome to Silver Talks - episode 2.

Today I will present you 2022 Silver American Eagle 1 troy ounce bullion coin from United States of America.

I will show you how to check if silver eagle coin is real and protect yourself against fake silver counterfeit.

This particular bullion coin was produced in 2022 in US West Point Mint.

1 oz Silver American Eagle coin should weights 31.1g (1 troy ounce) and have diameter of 40.6 mm and thickness of 2.98 mm

To confirm Diameter check if it has 40.6 millimeters .

To confirm weight check if is 31.101 grams

Check how to proof authenticity of 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin using smartphone application and ring test.

On SilverTalks we will be talking about #silver and #gold general topics from personal security to investments and protecting against inflation in United States and rest of the world.


0:00 Intro

0:18 Silver American Eagle Coin Presentation

2:12 How to check American Eagle is real

3:10 American Eagle vs Canadian Maple Leaf

5:42 Silver Talks EP 2 summary

American Eagle silver coin contains one ounce of .999 fine silver and is the only investment-grade silver bullion coin whose purity and quality is guaranteed by the United States Government. Supported by its prestigious legal tender status, and depicting the beautiful design of the famous “Walking Liberty”, the silver American Eagle bullion coin is an affordable silver investment that is suitable for any type of investor.

The obverse and reverse of American Eagle contains quote from the great seal of United States and the slogan : E pluribus unum which means "from many into one"

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