How to setup filter in Daikin MC70L VM Air Purifier - filter install / replacement tutorial

Tags: Daikin Purifier Allergy

Added: August 2020

How to install filter on Air Purifier

In this video I will show you

- What should you do before first run of the - setup tutorial

- How to open front cover / panel of Daikin Air Purifier

- How to unpack and install Pleated Filter

- What is the Unit 1 and how to disassembly it

- How to access Pleated Filter compartments

- How to remove Deodorizing Catalyst Unit in Daikin MC70

- How to lock pleated #filter into #Daikin Air Purifier

- How to adjust main filter

- What is pre-filter of Air purifier

In next video of this series we will do complete review about this Air Purifier after some usage time. Regards. It was BB Walker

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