How to make Christmas decoration with candle - easy and fast DIY ideas and tutorial

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Added: December 2020

Ana in the Garden - Best tips for home and garden

Today Anna will show to easily make own candle handler with some floral wood inspiration for Christmas or any other winter celebration day. If you want to create your own Christmas decoration with single candle in the center - surrounded by some spruce pine cones - check this step by step video tutorial.

Find out how to make floral arrangement / composition with pine cones and fir branches with nice extras from Christmas tree.

What do you need: Materials / ingredients

1. Glass or any other container for your #diy #christmas #decoration

2. branches / twigs of the Caucasian fir or spruce

3. Spruce pine cones

Music chants in the background performed by BB Walker and son on the Yamaha PSR S670

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