Young Marine broke his jaw and lost several teeth doing kettlebells - here’s how

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Added: February 2024

I once had an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge KB Instructor) working for me when I owned my KB studio.

Jess was tough as nails, and was a rock climber.

She also trained US Marines on one of the USMC bases in North Carolina.

One day, she was telling me about a young private who dropped a kettlebell from overhead onto his face, breaking his jaw, losing several teeth, and spitting blood.


We’ll get there in a minute.

Now, that’s arguably the most gruesome injury I’ve heard of from using KBs.


I was on lunch break while teaching at the Chicago RKC c. 2011/12, and a young lady came up to us (the teaching cadre) holding her right arm. She said she thought she just tore her biceps while performing the RKC Snatch Test (100 reps, 16kg, in 5 minutes).

A poster on the old DragonDoor.com forum claimed he broke his arm snatching a KB.

And about once a month I get an email from someone asking how to get rid of their elbow tendonitis or…

Where they should pick up a program again because they have to take time off (again) because they hurt their backs (again) doing Swings or Snatches.

There’s an easy fix for all of this.

Back to our Marine.

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