Shooting blowback airgun to cans

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Added: April 2016

Visiting new uncovered shooting range and Gamo Pistol - April 2016.

ALU cans versus lead pellets.

What can you do with Bushmills Black bush and Glenfiddich 12 yo whisky boxes if you drain the bottles ?

Air gun pellet jam and problem with receiver and magazine clip ?

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Airgun Gamo PT-85 has a rifled barrel blowback and the ability to mount laser sight. We will check to cope with a number of aluminum cans.

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All the cans were punctured bottoms. Gamo again was unbeatable. The initial speed pellets flying out from GAMO PT-85 is about 160 meters per second. Lead pellets caliber 4.5 mm

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produced by Crosman on 22mm weaver RIS rail mount

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